How to Wash Lucky Pleats Knit Bags


Dry cleaning is recommended. Please refer to the following information:

- Professional dry cleaning method for knitted materials: Dry clean at 25ºC / 30 minutes basis using Tetrachloroethylene (liquid solvent)

- For Knit Starry (metal yarn) products, please dry clean softly to prevent damage.

- To wash contaminated spots, gently wash with hands using only neutral detergents.



- Never use regular powder-type laundry detergents. It contains bleach, which is the main cause of discoloration.

- If washed using alkali/acid detergent, Knit Starry (metal yarn) products may be damaged. Please use a neutral detergent.

- Please be careful as light colored products may be contaminated by dark fabrics.

- After washing, dry naturally in a well-ventilated and shady place.

- Products with wrinkles are very resilient, but please do not spread out the wrinkles when drying.

- Washing machine and dryer are not recommended.